Kinsail builds, operates, and supports a robust and configurable transaction solution that enables government and commercial clients to better meet their business needs as well as interact with customers. Kinsail's solution powers recreation, fee collection, reservation, registration, certification, and many other business processes across the United States, providing services to millions of customers and end users.

Kinsail focuses primarily on supporting:

  • Recreation & Land Management
  • Certification & Compliance Programs
  • Membership Organizations
  • Conferences & Registrations

Kinsail Solutions

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Recreation & Land Management^^

A holistic recreation solution designed to meet your custom requirements. The Kinsail solution supports, but is not limited to:

  • Reservations for campgrounds, facilities, tours, and more;
  • Permitting and licensing;
  • Lotteries and drawings;
  • Daily, weekly, annual, and other entrance passes,
  • Onsite automated fee collection, and
  • Mobile-enabled applications, services, and transactions.

The Kinsail solution is also designed to enable your agency to better support your customers through web, mobile, and interactive voice response solutions that are custom configured to meet your specific needs.

Imagine streamlining your business operations by leveraging the Kinsail solution to perform functions like lottery drawings, permit issuance, compliance tracking, and much more. With Kinsail's tools, customers are able to better manage their business and use novel, patent pending tools like mobile applications to check in visitors, verify compliance, and much more.

Let Kinsail streamline your agency's recreation operations with our powerful solution. Find out more about how Kinsail can support your agency with recreation and land management - contact us today.

Certification & Compliance Programs^^

The Kinsail solution also provides a robust platform to enable your organization to manage certification and compliance programs. Applicants register through the Kinsail solution completing your agency's customized process. After submitting the completed and validated application and associated fees, the Kinsail solution enables internal staff to better manage these applicants through custom configured workflows and queuing. In this way, the Kinsail platform ensures that applications are tracked and processed efficiently. The Kinsail solution also supports capture and processing of additional information related to the certification, including continuing education reporting and other mechanisms.

Find out more about how Kinsail can support your agency with certification and compliance program application, registration, and management - contact us today.

Membership Organizations^^

Are you a membership organization that has membership applications to process, members to keep informed, events, and other activities? The Kinsail solution is designed to help. Configured to look and feel like your website and capture member registrations and information in a streamlined and validated manner, the Kinsail solution is able to support your distinct business needs. The Kinsail solution includes, but is not limited to:

  • Custom membership processes configurable by membership type,
  • Built in membership management tools,
  • Integrated reporting tools,
  • Communication and email tools for engaging membership,
  • Event registration options, and
  • Integrated payment processing.

Let Kinsail help your organization - contact us today.

Conferences, Registrations, and Ticketing^^

Hosting a conference or event? Kinsail can streamline your conference and event registration process through our robust solution. The Kinsail solution can be configured to capture any attendee, conference track, and other information required by your organization as well as issue electronic and printable tickets using our patent pending technology. With the ability to support multiple conference and event tracks, tour tickets, reservable tours and spots, and much more, the Kinsail solution is ready and able to meet your specific needs.

See how Kinsail can improve your registration and ticketing - contact us today.

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