Kinsail is focused on delivering solutions that facilitate transactions and interactions with government and commercial clients. For example, Kinsail's solutions enable customers to:

  • access parks, forests and refuges easily and quickly;
  • reserve campgrounds, tickets, facilities, and other items;
  • apply for limited quantity activities such as specialized hunts, tickets, and rafting;
  • secure permits and licenses for hunting, fishing, and other uses;
  • register and certify with government agencies such as the Internal Revenue Service;
  • register for and attend conferences and events; and
  • join membership organizations such as the US Chamber of Commerce.

Kinsail also empowers agencies and clients to improve business operations, increase revenue and decrease costs. Among others, Kinsail's platform:

  • allows customers to self-service and transact with the agency 24x7;
  • modernizes and streamlines client business processes;
  • provides access to data and information in real-time about usage, customers, transactions, and more;
  • integrates with internal client systems to promote information sharing and re-use;
  • improves compliance and enforcement through novel online and mobile tools and applications; and
  • offers enhanced and added value services to customers.

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